Wednesday, July 13, 2011

day and night

corporate. work clothes. reports. conference calls. meetings. emails. small talk. high heels. salads. traffic.

jewelry. music. bars. clubs. dresses. high heels. movies. beer. whiskey. tea parties. outdoors. friends.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

may day end

i realized the last time i updated was the begining of may, and here we find ourselves on the cusp of a new month.  a new month that marks the halfway point of a year that has already flown by.

this past weekend was occupied with rooftop pool sessions downtown, the barbequing of many meats and veggies, lazy mornings, day time beers (and the occasional day time cocktails), and warm nights. 

summer is a magical time in los angeles.  the days are long, night time clothes are skimpy, and the sky is pink hours after sunset.  it reminds me of being a teenager, riding around my boyfriend's cadillac with the AC blasting, reggae bumping, and something funny smoking.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Day

after a weekend full of pool parties, bbq'ed animals parts (yummm), and a rooftop movie over looking downtown la, it was brought to our attention as a nation that osama bin laden has been killed.

it is with mixed feelings that this fact bounces around my head.  oh how archaic of us to celebrate his death like the british are celebrating a wedding.  frat boys with collared shirts drunkenly climbing trees and furiously waving flags.  i wince when i see these images on tv.  yet, it is with a privileged life that i make these judgements and only after reading every article on huff post and time that i remember what damage has been done at the hands of al-queda.  and i half regret having compassion about bin laden's murder, yet also half-regret these other thoughts and emotions.  i still dont know what to feel, what to think.  joy and celebration are definitely not it.  relief perhaps, but don't you think that relief is an incorrect feeling?  it is only a matter of time until a retaliation is attempted from al-queda.  there is no relief in that fact.

i suppose what i most feel is a cathartic breath of those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 tragedy, perhaps a sense of closure for them was all they could hope for. 

on a less heavy note,  i am happy for obama and his administration, that for all they have accomplished, this will be the most memorable. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

physically and mentally

i'm back from the desert wonderland that most people call Coachella.  physically, at least.

i won't be back mentally for another couple of weeks, day dreaming of sweltering heat, warm night winds, that big sunday full moon, and night dreaming of laser light beams, glowing mushroom structures (also seen at treasure island), electricity bolts, and the untouchable ferris wheel that i STILL HAVENT BEEN ON.  \

it was another adventure, another epic weekend of nothing but fun.  my heart is still running wild. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

for lent i gave up blogging

or at least that's what i'm telling myself and everyone else to explain the internet absense!

New York was a whirlwind of amazingly fun adventures:  We arrived early saturday morning and took a long nap.  went on a food/liquor run, and started to get ready for the LCD MSG last show ever that same night.  Decked out in a half braided hair, glow in the dark eyes, purple eyebrows, and lots of black/white/red fringe, we left for the preparty.  preparty consisted of lots of jeager, not enough pizza, and a quick cab ride to the Garden, since in usual fashion, we were running late.

 the LCD show was unreal and perfect and left me wanting more and more.  after four hours that felt like one hour of dancing ourselves clean, off to an amazing after party in an apartment that overlooked 5th ave and the south end of central park.  andrew broke a door and we ended up in one of the most memorable cuddle puddles of all time.

The next day was lounging and recovering at our first spot: ny public library.  quick cab ride to central park, lazily strolling the mall, and ending on a row boat of perfection during a sunday sunset of love.  we hightailed to chelsea, had dinner and drinks and passed out watching reruns of "it's always sunny in philly" (sidenote, even though we were in ny, we passed all our downtime watching a show about assholes in philly.  wierd?)

woke up and were off to bensonhurst brooklyn so spend the day with uncle tony.  we had funny chinese food and an eye opening day with the self proclaimed clean mafioso, inventor, father, husband, grand dad.  he is charming and funny and astoundingly charismatic. 

we decided to stay in brooklyn, so we headed north on the G train to greenpoint to meet my best girl friend Anna, who just happened to move into an awesome apartment with a rooftop that overlooks the Empire state building and other tall buildings that i forget the names of.  what started off as a nice dinner of veggie pasta and salad, slowly snowballed into a wild night of bar hopping, deer hunter, and the 2nd best pizza we had in ny.  made it back to the hotel around 5am after a prive SUV picked us up driven by the most awesomely stereotypical gay puerto rican who kept saying "oohhh in chjew york" and "chhel lay" (as in new york and L.A. but pronounced with that throating ny swag accent, with a gay latin twist)

Tuesday was another day of recovery that involved nothing but a lot of liquids, wandering around, and an amazing dinner at Lombardi's which is hand down, by far, up and beyond the best pizza in the entire world. 

Wednesday we had a late breakfast and decided to head to the airport early since we were both too exhausted to try and make it to a museum. 

Got back to LA wednesday night where i made the prompt decision to rock out and GO TO COACHELLA.

So that is where my head is at now.  still trying to wrap itself around LCDMSGNYC and preparing to burn in the hot desert sun at the best music festival for 2 days (yes, i'm being semi-responsible and NOT going all three days).

stay tuned for my survival "how to" of the most rediculous party month that could have ever happened to me: April 2011.

ps: andrew just called me about Prince at the Forum next thursday.   AAANNDD so it never ends... !

Thursday, March 24, 2011

last night

wet street and clean air
deep breath in deeper breath out
opening of universe

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

laughing in bed

describing why the "mani / pedi" is such a treat, the arm and leg massage came up:

"oh... i thought it was limited to exclusive digiteries."